Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.15.4 [Unlimited Money/Card Refill]


Play the sequel to the cult arcade game about evil birds – Angry Birds 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money). All the main features of the first part have been maintained in the sequel, including the game mechanics, familiar characters, and the overall atmosphere, but the graphics have been updated, new features have been added, and a large number of new levels have been added. Furthermore, in Angry Birds 2 mod apk you will have the option to test your strength in numerous stages, compete in arena competitions, take part in rating competitions, and even join a clan. You can complete daily tasks, customize your birds, and improve your chickens.

You’ll find your favorite birds in the sequel to the hottest game of all time! The sequel to the smash hit “Angry Birds” brings stunning graphics, multi-stage battle levels, and scheming boss pigs with even more destruction.

The angry birds are back with even tougher, meaner, smarter and more powerful attacks this time. The game will allow you to pick the bird that you want to launch against the evil and nasty pigs. You will visit fascinating locations, encounter various bosses and discover how spells work in this game. Bring your friends to the arena so that you can fight together.

Game Play:                              

In Angry Birds 2 the winner will have to earn the 3-star award for all screens, which can be among the biggest challenges in the mobile gaming industry. There are more than 1,600 levels (it’s fantastic!) As a result, you will achieve the strength of a Mighty Eagle.

Compared to the previous version, this game features more vibrant colors and looks much more advanced. The attention to detail includes small details like sunshine, rain, explosions, and background scenes.

In addition to giving players what they’re looking for in its next game, the developer has a lot of expectations following the success of Angry Birds. A new element of the game is also added: the Arena, which players can use to sharpen their slingshot skills against friends. Arena challenges follow a different set of rules than those in story mode, where your opponent must knock out everything you have before you do so you win.

The previous game did not allow the player to select the bird they wanted, and the challenge was set by default, testing the player’s creativity. They can enhance their birds, upgrade them, and collect new ones for each challenge in this game. By previewing the map and then deciding on which strategy will be most useful, players will gain more choices and become more creative. The birds in the game constitute cards, and upgrading is obtained by collecting certain numbers of cards. Players can upgrade their bird teams’ flight power and skills to get better performance in future battles.


You will gain access to exclusive features in the MOD version:

  • It is possible to have an infinite amount of Black Pearls and Gems in this game. Having no worries about money is always a good thing.
  • Ability to play the stages easily to difficultly with unlimited energy. I’m sure you will be able to play this game until you’re bored.

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