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Text is often presented as images or written on paper today. Content needs to be rewritten manually whenever it is copied or edited, so longer texts will take longer. INTSIG Information aims to remedy this problem through the introduction of a product called CamScanner that simplifies your work. It’s as simple as putting the phone’s camera in front of the document, and it will turn it into text. Using this app can be simple, quick, and useful.

Due to its unique feature, CamScanner is a favorite among users who want to convert their paper documents to PDFs and JPEGs and share them with others. In this way, they will not have to retype the content associated with the document, and they’ll also be able to scan the document as-is. The application’s scanning features can be used by anyone who knows a little about technology.

A camera icon will appear as soon as you open the application, allowing users to easily take a picture. As with taking pictures, the shooting modes are also displayed. Therefore, you must select a shooting mode that is appropriate for the document. The app will identify and validate the border of the page immediately after capturing it. The application will define printed documents according to your agreement, so begin scanning.

Secondly, we need to think about quality. CamScanner is a unique offering among similar applications. A high level of resolution is achieved for the conversion of text and images. Ink details like redundant ink will be hard to identify. The app can be used and verified directly on Google Play or by reading user reviews.

CamScanner not only scans, but also reads certain file formats. The main thing is to make sure you can easily read them and include some essentials. With particular notes, you can enhance the text you’re reading. As a result, a document can include some essential elements that will make it easier to share. When the epidemic situation is stressful, those working from home will be able to utilize this feature.

Using CamScanner, you can select which cloud services to share your scanned files after the scanning process is complete. In addition, the application also stores it in order for users to find it easily and use it in a variety of occasions. It is best to rename these files before exporting and storing them so you can identify them by the image. Whenever the number of files is large, you should avoid long and difficult file names.

Cloud services allow you to share files across a variety of platforms, of which Google Drive is the most popular. You get additional cloud storage of 10GB if you upgrade. There are no problems using it. For example, the platforms are completely synchronized when they access the cloud service of the application.


  • The Premium version allows access to all of its advanced features.
  • Watermarks are not present in PDF files.
  • Evernote and SkyDrive can be uploaded for as long as you like.
  • Advertisements are not allowed.

Scanners with high-quality resolution.

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