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Jeff Silver, co-founder of Coyote Logistics, has gained significant recognition in the business world for his dedication and hard work in the logistics industry. While I don’t have real-time information on his net worth, age, height, or weight, his contributions to the success of Coyote Logistics have been notable.

Coyote Logistics, founded in 2006, quickly became a prominent third-party logistics provider under Jeff Silver’s leadership. The company’s focus on technology-driven solutions and efficient transportation services has contributed to its success in the logistics sector. Jeff Silver’s journey showcases the impact of hard work and wise decision-making.

What Is Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics Net Worth?

Jeff Silver, associated with Coyote Logistics, has established himself as one of the wealthiest figures globally, and his net worth has been consistently on the rise. As reported by Forbes and Business Insider, his estimated net worth has witnessed a progressive increase over the past few years. Here’s a breakdown of his reported net worth:

2021: $25 Million
2022: $25.5 Million
2023: $26 Million
2024: $26.5 Million

These figures highlight his financial success and growing prominence in various fields. Keep in mind that net worth estimates can fluctuate, and for the most up-to-date information, referring to the latest financial reports or reputable sources reporting on celebrity net worth is advisable.

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Family & Early Life:

Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics was born in the United States, into a family that faced financial challenges during his early years. His parents navigated a crucial period in their lives when he was born, emphasizing the need to secure a stable future for their child’s education.

In pursuit of further education, Jeff later moved to a different city. Throughout their childhood and schooling, Jeff and his siblings formed strong bonds. He has been happily married for an extended period, and the family includes a few children who carry the Coyote Logistics surname.

Relationship Status:

While appearing unmarried, Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics is, indeed, a married individual. His enduring marriage is marked by strong spousal support, happiness, and shared travels. The hope is for their lasting joy and a continued celebration of their love.

Educational Status:

Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics’ educational journey began at home, laying the foundation for his subsequent schooling. After completing pre-school, he progressed through high school and pursued a college degree. His high school experience included college courses that enriched his professional knowledge. With degrees from various institutions, Jeff’s commitment to education has contributed significantly to his current success.


Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics embarked on his entrepreneurial journey immediately after completing college. The early phase of his professional life presented numerous challenges, demanding a hectic lifestyle that affected his sleep. Despite lacking a college degree, he dedicated his full-time efforts to a clothing business.

Upon reflection, Jeff recognized the need to leverage his managerial skills. Recognizing his potential as an Executive Assistant, he sought ways to secure his dream role. Although the journey is ongoing, his name has become known worldwide. His career aspirations align with the desire to impact a broad audience positively.

Founding Mastery Logistics Systems: The Return of Industry Legends

On April 8, a new freight tech startup quietly launched its website, and the transportation and logistics industry quickly saw a familiar duo back in action. The startup, Mastery Logistics Systems, brings together the expertise of Paul Loeb and Jeff Silver, renowned figures in the freight industry. Having previously founded companies like American Backhaulers, Command Transportation, and Coyote Logistics, the duo is now on a mission to address persistent challenges in freight and logistics.

Background of Paul Loeb an2d Jeff Silver:

Paul Loeb founded American Backhaulers in 1981, with Jeff Silver joining in 1984. American Backhaulers was later acquired by C.H. Robinson in 1999. In 2005, Loeb founded Command Transportation, and in 2006, Jeff Silver and his wife Marianne founded Coyote Logistics, which was acquired by UPS in 2015.

Mastery Logistics Systems’ Mission:

Mastery Logistics Systems aims to “reduce waste across the entire freight logistics industry.” The founders acknowledge that waste is a significant challenge in logistics, stemming from fragmented supply chains, manual communication processes, poor asset utilization, and inefficient facilities. This waste contributes to increased transportation and logistics costs, negatively impacting economic growth.

Focus on Software Solutions:

While both Loeb and Silver have extensive experience in the industry, Mastery Logistics Systems marks a departure from their previous ventures as it is primarily a software company. The decision is rooted in the founders’ desire to address real problems using innovative software solutions.

Key Issues Addressed by Mastery

Mastery Logistics Systems is targeting three major issues in transportation and logistics that have yet to be fully solved: appointment-making, track-and-trace, and paper bills-of-lading.

1. Automated Appointment-Making:

Mastery aims to create a centralized and automated process for appointment-making, streamlining the often manual and time-consuming task.

2. Advanced Track-and-Trace:

Unlike typical track-and-trace solutions focused on trucks, Mastery aims to track the freight itself, leveraging advanced technology for real-time information and automated adjustments to schedules.

3. Digital Bills-of-Lading:

Mastery plans to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with traditional paperwork by creating a digitally native, automated bill of lading. The goal is to reduce reliance on mailed, faxed, or emailed bills-of-lading.

Contact Information and Business Focus

While specific details about Mastery’s technology and hardware were not disclosed, the company is positioned to be a significant player in addressing critical challenges in the freight and logistics industry.

Stay tuned for updates from Mastery Logistics Systems as it navigates the complex landscape of freight logistics with a focus on innovation and efficiency.

LinkedIn Profile:

Quick Info

Real Name: Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics
Nick Name: Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics
Age: 36
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 83
Relationship: Coming Soon
Children: Not Found
Parents: Information Not Available

Award And Achievement

Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics has received numerous awards in recognition of his significant contributions. His impact on humanity has earned him degrees from prestigious universities globally. Additionally, he is fortunate to have received groundbreaking awards from various presidents and distinguished individuals.

At the pinnacle of his achievements, Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics has consistently demonstrated excellence in his field. His influence has transcended borders, garnering international recognition. Apart from degrees, he has been honored with several prestigious accolades.

Contact Info

Jeff Silver Coyote Logistics has shared his contact information across various platforms. Those wishing to connect with him can reach out via his workplace phone number. Additionally, he is accessible through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as email. While he currently resides in a prominent city, it is important to note that it may not be his hometown. Jeff has disclosed both his workplace and home addresses for those interested in sending welcome presents.

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