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Matt Cogar stands as an epitome of excellence in the realm of Timbersports, carving his legacy through unparalleled dedication and mastery in competitive logging. A self-made athlete, Cogar’s journey is adorned with triumphs and accolades, etching his name prominently within the industry. His unwavering commitment to his craft has propelled him to soaring heights, not only showcasing remarkable skill but also amassing a substantial net worth that solidifies his stature as a titan in his field. As we delve into the depths of Matt Cogar’s remarkable career, we unravel the intricacies of his success, exploring facets such as his achievements, personal life, and the untold narratives that shape his inspiring journey.

Matt Cogar’s Net Worth:

Matt Cogar, a distinguished Timbersports Athlete, has carved out a significant presence in the competitive realm of woodcutting competitions. Renowned for his integrity and dedication as a self-employed individual, Cogar’s journey to success epitomizes hard work and honesty. With impressive skills honed through relentless effort, he has secured a formidable position in the industry, reflected in his estimated net worth of approximately $4 million.

Cogar’s Path to Success:

Cogar’s ascent to prominence has been marked by perseverance and resilience. Through years of unwavering dedication, he has mastered his craft, emerging as one of the foremost figures in the field. Participating in numerous competitions, he has garnered a collection of awards and accolades, testament to his exceptional performance and unwavering commitment. His journey stands as a testament to the rewards of passion and diligence, earning him the admiration and respect of peers and fans alike.

Financial Overview:

  • Net Worth: $4 Million
  • Yearly Income: $200,000
  • Monthly Income: $17,000
  • Daily Income: $460

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Family & Early Life:

Hailing from the United States, Matt Cogar’s upbringing was shaped by modest means. Raised by hardworking parents who navigated financial challenges, his birth marked a pivotal moment in their lives. Despite financial constraints, his parents prioritized his education, striving to secure a better future for him. Cogar’s formative years were characterized by familial bonds, fostering strong connections with his siblings. As he embarked on his journey to higher education, he relocated to another city, driven by aspirations for academic advancement.

Marriage & Family Life:

Cogar’s personal life is anchored by a longstanding marriage, contrary to public perception. His devoted wife stands by him through thick and thin, embodying unwavering support in his endeavors. Together, they have traversed the globe, embracing life’s adventures hand in hand. Though they share a few children, all bear the Cogar surname, symbolizing a unity rooted in familial love and commitment.

Dating & Relationship Status:

While outward appearances may suggest otherwise, Matt Cogar is happily married, dispelling any notions of bachelorhood. His enduring partnership is a testament to enduring love and mutual respect, enriching their lives with shared experiences and cherished moments. As they continue their journey together, their bond serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to cultivate enduring relationships built on trust and affection.


Matt Cogar’s name resonates deeply within the realm of Timbersports Athletes, reflecting a career spanning over a decade characterized by remarkable success and unwavering dedication. As a self-employed woodcutting competition athlete, Cogar epitomizes passion and prowess in his craft, continually inspiring others with his impressive skills and indomitable spirit. Throughout his illustrious journey, he has clinched numerous accolades and championships, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the field and a role model for aspiring woodcutters worldwide.

Cogar’s affinity for wood cutting burgeoned from a young age, igniting a lifelong commitment to mastering his craft. His relentless pursuit of excellence propels him to push boundaries and surpass expectations, remaining at the vanguard of his profession. Fuelled by an unwavering love for the sport, he persists in honing his skills, setting new benchmarks of achievement and fortitude. Cogar’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance, inspiring individuals to embrace their calling and carve their path to success.

Education Qualification:

Matt Cogar’s academic journey culminated at Glenville State University, where his brilliance shone brightly, earning him accolades from both faculty and peers. Beyond academic excellence, he distinguished himself through active participation in co-curricular activities, embodying a well-rounded approach to learning and growth. It was during his tenure at university that Cogar’s fascination with Timbersports burgeoned, igniting a fervent desire to transform his passion into a career.

While excelling academically, Cogar remained steadfast in his pursuit of Timbersports, recognizing it as his true vocation. His education served as a catalyst for his professional journey, instilling in him the values of diligence and determination that would propel him to unparalleled heights of success. Today, as a celebrated Timbersports athlete, Cogar’s achievements stand as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between academic excellence and unwavering pursuit of one’s passion, inspiring individuals to embrace their dreams with fervor and conviction.

Awards and Achievements:

Matt Cogar’s illustrious career is adorned with numerous accolades and honors across diverse categories, underscoring his significant contributions to society. Recognized for his profound impact, he has been bestowed with esteemed degrees from globally renowned universities, a testament to his remarkable accomplishments. Additionally, Cogar has been privileged to receive epoch-making awards from esteemed presidents and dignitaries, further solidifying his legacy as a luminary in his field. His unparalleled success resonates widely, earning him admiration and acclaim for his exemplary contributions to humanity.

Cogar’s influence extends far and wide, captivating audiences across regions with his innovative pursuits and captivating endeavors. His distinguished portfolio boasts a plethora of prestigious prizes, each a testament to his unwavering dedication and unparalleled excellence, evoking pride and admiration from all quarters.

Contact Information:

For inquiries and engagements, Matt Cogar’s contact information is readily accessible across various platforms. His phone number is publicly available on numerous websites, while office contact details offer a convenient means of interaction. Additionally, Cogar can be reached through his active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as via email. Currently residing in a prestigious city beyond his hometown, he graciously provides both business and home addresses, welcoming gestures of appreciation and support from well-wishers.

Insta Profile:

In conclusion:

The 2018 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® U.S. Pro Championship showcased the pinnacle of lumberjack athleticism, with Matt Cogar emerging as a standout performer. His historic sixth consecutive U.S. title victory not only solidified his status as one of the greatest lumberjack athletes of all time but also earned him the privilege of representing the U.S. at the Individual World Championship in Liverpool, England. Erin LaVoie’s triumph in the Women’s Division and Rainer Shooter’s impressive collegiate win further underscored the depth of talent on display.

The event marked a significant milestone with American women competing alongside men, signaling a progressive shift in the sport’s landscape. Generous sponsorship from Harley-Davidson and John Deere added prestige to the competition, rewarding winners with coveted prizes.

Cogar’s lightning-fast performance in the hot saw secured his Championship win, exemplifying the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the sport. With competitors pushing the boundaries of skill and endurance, the event captivated audiences and showcased the camaraderie among athletes.

As the championship concluded, it left an indelible mark on the sport’s legacy, celebrating the dedication and passion of lumberjack athletes across the nation. With anticipation building for future competitions, the 2018 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® U.S. Pro Championship stands as a testament to the enduring spirit and athleticism of the lumberjack community.

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